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Our aim:

Legal Bureau is a structural subdivision of the Tashkent State University of Law, the main activities of which are followings:

- organization of ensuring the rule of law and legality in the law enforcement activities of the university;

- control over the compliance with the legislation of draft local acts and other documents projected by the university;

- participation in rule-making activities, conducting contractual-legal and claims-related work, ensuring reliable protection of property and other interests of state bodies and organizations;

- return for revision to executors of drafts of local acts and other documents that contradict the legislation and do not meet the requirements of legislative technology, preparation of legal opinions on the elimination of identified deficiencies with justification of their objections, participation in the revision of projects on behalf of the management or on their own initiative together with other departments;

- participation in inspections, audits and inventories carried out in the departments of the university, as well as in the consideration of documents based on their results, preparation of legal opinions on revealed violations.

Our employees:

Senior legal counsel – Hosilov Erkin Dilmurotovich

Legal counsel – Aliboyev Dostonbek Jumaboy ugli


Our address:

Tashkent city, Sayilgoh street, 35, educational building No. 1, office No. 127

Tel: 233-66-36, 1181 (internal).


Email address: