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Our university has 5 faculties for undergraduate programs.

There are 4 of them in the legal field, one of them in public administration.

These are:
1. Faculty of public law (state-legal activity)
2. Faculty of Criminal Justice (Criminal Legal Activity)
3. Faculty of Private Law (Business Law)
4. Faculty of international law and Comparative Law (international law and Comparative Law) 5. Public and community administration.

There are 14 areas at the master's programs: 
1. Specialty of lawyer activity (FTE: 17 students)
2. International arbitration and dispute resolution specialty (16 students)
3. Sports law specialty (10 students)
4. Specialty of Public Administration Law (30 students)
5. Business law specialty (30 students)
6. Specialty of labor law (15 students)
7.Specialty theory and practice of application of criminal law (20 students)
8. Specialty of intellectual property and Information Technology Law (16 students)
9. Specialty of mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods (11 students)
10. Specialty of anti-corruption and complayens control (16 students)
11. Specialty of media law (15 students)
12. Specialty of Environmental Law and sustainable development (9 students)
13. Specialty of international commercial law (15 students)
14. Cyber law specialty (15 students)