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Mission of the university

The mission of the Tashkent State University of Law encompasses the creation of the university of the future based on the unity of scientific, educational, economic and social processes, serving the prosperity of the state and society and by training contributing highly qualified personnel focused on deep knowledge, leadership and problem solving skills, service to the people ensuring justice and the rule of law.

The main target image of the Tashkent State University of Law is characterized as:

one of the most authoritative modern scientific and educational complexes in the world, ensuring the leadership of Uzbekistan in scientific research and technology;

the “golden bridge” of ensuring a close connection between the educational process and law enforcement practice through the development of clinical legal training;

an effective mechanism for integrating science and education, students and the scientific and pedagogical community, succession between the young and experienced generations;

an educational institute, equally accessible both for Uzbek youth and for the entire region, effectively performing the function of a “social lift” and “interethnic communication”;

center for scientific and innovative research in the field of state and law with the development of information legal technologies and systems (Legal Tech);

center for the development of mechanisms for the interaction of fundamental and applied education, classical and credit-modular educational programs, scientific workshops, theoretical lectures and seminars, enhancing the scientific activity of students;

the core for the development of proposals for the implementation of international law and the improvement of national legislation, taking into account the results of comparative studies of law and legal systems of developed foreign countries;

an intellectual center with a unique environment for generating knowledge and forming highly competitive personnel, accumulating scientific and pedagogical potential, ideas and initiatives;

a base of advanced scientific research, a catalyst for innovative technological developments, their approbation and implementation;

center for the development of the Uzbek intellectual, cultural and ideological heritage, which forms international intellectual, humanitarian and legal standards.