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Open Doors Day

Increasing the political and legal literacy of youth at the Open Day at Tashkent State Law University to convey the essence of the state youth policy, as well as in order to familiarize with the work carried out in the direction of scientific, educational and work with the youth of the university.

The date and location of the Open Doors Day will be announced in the media and visitors will register online (in Google forms).

A group of young students, communicating in Uzbek, Russian and English, will be recruited by volunteers into groups that will allow visitors to the open day to communicate in a language that is acceptable to them.

The open day will be held on the basis of the program and map developed by the university. Visitors will be presented with a program that includes a schedule, topic of speech, information about the speaker and directions.

Within the framework of the Open Doors Day, reforms continue to improve the political and legal literacy of youth in the field of higher education, work is underway to ensure the implementation of state youth policy, as well as detailed information about the history of the university, spiritual and educational activities, scientific and educational processes.

In addition, the tour will be organized with the provision of information about the conditions created for students to study, meaningfully spend their free time, such as university buildings, information resource centers, laboratories, gyms.

At the end of the excursion, at the request of visitors, a photo session will be organized.