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Our goal:

Student Service Center - provides effective, convenient and fast services for students of Tashkent State Law University, as well as the introduction of a new format of communication between students and faculty of the university.

We aim to provide high quality and fast services to university students giving a variety of information about the educational process and the principle of "single window" on the basis of a customer-oriented approach.

The center offers following services:

1) Support and services for students with disabilities. Implementation of activities to provide fast and quality services (public service) to students on the basis of the principle of "single window";

2) improving the system of student services at the university by reducing redundant administrative procedures;

3) assists students in the organization of information services on the educational process within the electronic platform "E-University";

4) organization of the introduction of innovative forms and methods of using software and hardware in the service of students;

5) to promote the creation of transparent conditions for the prevention of corruption and delinquency in the educational process.

Students of Tashkent State Law University can use all the services of the center remotely and electronically via this telegram bot

In addition, various current events in the life of our country and the university, information about the educational process and similar news are regularly disseminated through the official telegram channel of the Center

Student Service Center of Tashkent State Law University provides the following services.

1. To give relevant information to students:

- Providing information from the place of study (if necessary, the name and purpose of the organization),

- Certificate of conscription due to the fact that the student is studying,

- Receive information (copies) from the student's personal documents (certificate, diploma),

- Issuance of certificates of participation of students in grants and various projects of international and foreign countries.

2. On applications submitted by the student:

- Applications for student accommodation,

- On participation in summer and winter schools and other applications.

3. To provide students with information on the academic process:

- Receive, reset personal account logins and passwords,

- Issuance of Student ID (ID Card), recovery in case of loss,

- Issuance of diplomas and applications to graduates,

- Issuance of academic transcript.

4. To advise students on the educational process:

- Foreign language courses organized by TSU,

- Information about various clubs, summer and winter schools, clubs for the meaningful organization of leisure time of students of TSU,

- On the restoration and prevention of student health.

Our staff:

Sayidumarov Oybek Tursunkhoja ugli – Director of Student Service Center

Aminov Shahrizod Umidbek ugli – Student Service Center Designer

Akhmedov Jasurbek Muzaffarjon ugli – Student Service Center Designer

Our address:

Tashkent, Amir Temur Shah Street, Tashkent State University of Law, 3rd educational building, near the Great Hall.

Contact telephones: 

(93) 535-12-02

(97) 742-99-24.


Telegram channel:

Telegram bot: