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Legal clinic of the Tashkent State University of Law.

Our goal:

We strive to create a collaboration of theoretical knowledge of students at the university with the practice for the formation and development of students' practical skills and experience in providing non-discriminatory legal advice to individuals and legal entities.

Today we carry out close cooperation with the world's leading educational and research institutions, international organizations and legal clinics. These include the Association of Legal Clinics of the Kyrgyzstan, Eurasia Foundation, United Nations Development Program - USAID, United States Street Law Inc Company, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and Syracuse University of New York.

The legal clinic also cooperates with the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, ESTE PRIME, Interlex law firm and non-governmental non-profit organization “Madad”.

During its activity of providing free legal advice to individuals and legal entities from January 2018 to November 2020, more than 1580 applications and inquiries were processed and answered. Additionally, from April 2020 and until April 2021 about 5180 legal inquiries from citizens were answered via “Telegram” messenger.

Under the slogan "Raising the legal awareness and legal culture of society is our priority" the students of the Legal Clinic and the professors of the university have organized various campaign events on developing legal awareness, as well as consultations of citizens at their residence.

Our projects:

- Street Law 


- Competition "The Most Active Clinicist 2019"

- "Legal news"- (

- Working with applications of citizens

- Organization of online consultations

Our page on social media:

Applications are reviewed via - 

A number of small practical manuals on the most pressing legal issues have been prepared based on the analysis of applications and overall issues solved during receptions the citizens’ residence.

Today, training seminars for students are organized at various government agencies, as well as receptions of citizens in the field.

Our employees:

  • Narziev Otabek Sadievich

Director of the Legal Clinic

  • Shamsiddinov Muhriddin Husniddin ugli

Methodist of the legal clinic

  • Jamoliddinov Najmiddin Nizomiddin ugli

Methodist of the legal clinic

Reception dates: from Monday to Friday 10:00 -15:00.

Our address: Tashkent city, Sayilgoh street, 35, Tashkent State University of Law, academic building 1

Contact number: 71-233-66-36, 1114 (internal)



Street Law Program was officially established in Uzbekistan on the basis of the Presidential Decree “On the fundamental improvement of the system of raising legal awareness and legal culture in society” dated January 9, 2019. In the early years, the project was launched by the Tashkent State Law University only in Tashkent. Initially, about 15 volunteers were involved, who conducted lessons in 5 schools.

Since 2020, Tashkent State Law University, in cooperation with Street Law Inc. (USA), succeeded in establishing a project throughout the country. Nowadays, the project is being implemented in Tashkent by the Tashkent State Law University and the Tashkent City Law College, and in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regions by 13 law colleges located in these administrative-territorial units.

Tashkent State University of Law coordinates project work throughout the country. The university provides methodological assistance to law colleges in the implementation of the project.

As of June 2021, in the 2020-2021 academic year, 610 volunteering students and 97 faculty members took part in the project throughout the republic. In particular, 20 faculty members and 96 students of the Tashkent State Law University took an active part in the project.

The project was implemented in 121 schools located in different regions of the country, 102 of which are located in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and in the regions. 7,250 schoolchildren joined the Street Law classes.

What topics are Street Law classes about?

Currently, the Street Law lessons are taught on the following topics:

1.     Do you want to fight for your rights? Get to know them first! (Human rights). 

2.     Mr. Employer, do you agree to hire a minor employee? (Participation of minors in labor relations).

3.     What will you do if the product you bought was defective? (Consumer protection).

4.     I am also a full member of my family (The rights of minors in family relations).

5.     Is there any responsibility for crimes among minors? (Crimes of minors and responsibility for them).

6.     We are for life against corruption (Fight against corruption).

7.     Nothing is forever! "nothing lasts forever!" (Environmental protection).

8.     Be merciful to our little brothers! (Prevention of cruelty to animals).

What are the advantages of the project?

Street law project serves to form people with a high legal culture in our country by raising the level of legal knowledge and awareness of schoolchildren. The project helps students to find solutions to common legal situations that often occur in everyday life.

Through participation in the project, students develop life skills such as critical and analytical thinking, teamwork, stress and time management, communication. In addition, volunteering students acquire the skill of explaining the laws in a simple, understandable language for the people.

Social networks of TSUL Street Law Program:




To make the most of students' leisure time, a number of clubs for creative people are set up at the Tashkent State Law University's Center of Spirituality and Enlightenment in 5 key areas of initiative. The clubs are here:

1.     Club of merry and witty

2.     "Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble" club

3.     "Dance zone" dance club

4.     Student's media club

5.     Discovery club

6.     ITC club

7.     Club "WISE".

8.     "TSUL COURT" club

9.     Zucco book club

10.  Debate Club

11.  "YURITOR" clubYURITOR" club

12.  Club "RISE YELLOW".


14.  Girls development

15.  Sports clubs

By joining these clubs, you can fulfill your talents and aspirations and participate in university projects.


Narziev Otabek Sadievich (Director of the Legal Clinic)

Botyrjon Kosimov TSUL Law street project coordinator

Kamilla Dalabayeva TSUL Law street project activist (@kamilla_dalabaeva)


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