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Tashkent State University of Law will host the international scientific-practical conference "Harmony of National and Universal Human Ideas in the Work of Gafur Gulyam".

The conference, organized in online and offline format by the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature of Tashkent State University of Law together with the House-Museum of Gafur Gulyam, will start on May 8 at 10:00.

Literary scholars, lecturers from foreign and republican higher educational institutions, students, and young researchers will take part in the conference.

At the conference organized with the aim of studying and also widely propagandizing the creativity of Gafur Gulyam in the system of higher education on the republican and international scale, exchange of opinions on Eastern philosophy and artistic comprehension of high feelings in the poetry of Gafur Gulyam, introduction of these ideas in the educational process, studying the activity of Gafur Gulyam as a public figure, translation of his works and determination of the tasks to solve them, conversation with relatives of Gafur Gulyam about his life, creativity, treatment and - Interpretation of national and universal ideas in the works of Gafur Gulyam; 
- The expression of legal issues in the prose of Gafur Gulyam; 
- Oriental philosophy in the poetry of Gafur Gulyam; 
- Language as a means of intercultural communication and problems of translation of Gafur Gulam's works into other languages.

Based on the results of the event, the materials of the international scientific-practical conference are expected to be published. Authors whose articles will be published in the collection will be awarded certificates.

The language of the conference is Uzbek, Russian, English, and the national languages of the peoples of Central Asia.

Articles are accepted until June 10 via e-mail address