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The day of the interview for law college graduates for admission to Tashkent State University of Law

As you know, for the first time from the 2021/2022 academic year, law college graduates with recommendations will be admitted to Tashkent State University of Law without entrance exams, through individual interviews.

Individual interviews for graduates of law colleges with recommendations will be held on August 13-14 from 9:00 to 18:00 in building 1 of the university.
To ensure a high level of openness and transparency during the interview process video recordings will be used and the process will also be broadcast online on the YouTube page Tashkent State University of Law.

Note for law school graduates with recommendations and their parents!

Applicants must come to Tashkent State University of Law no later than 8:30 on the day of the individual interview and go to the building with a passport (ID-card) through the post of control service.

It is strictly forbidden for an applicant to bring, use or pass cell phones and other means of communication and telecommunications, dictionaries, books, and cribs to another applicant, as well as to help another applicant.

With the coronavirus pandemic, there are no separate waiting (gathering) areas for parents due to health code requirements so that parents and relatives of applicants do not gather in the same place during exams.

Therefore, it is recommended that applicants come to the interview in person, and parents and relatives watch the interview online on the page of Tashkent State University of Law on YouTube.