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Department Criminalistics and Forensics Examination

Our motto: “Combatting, scavenger hunt, identifying trace and hold back”

Our mission:

The Department of Criminalistics and Forensic Examination is one of the leading university departments, which provides training and scientific activities in 3 areas: «Criminalistics», «Forensic Science», «Operational Investigative Activity». We strive to create conditions for a full-fledged study of the field of forensic science and forensic examination in our country, the study of international experience in this area, the acquisition of practical skills by teachers of the department and students. Therefore, we work closely with the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Center for Forensic Expertise named after Kh.Sulaymanova and universities of the republic. 

Our tasks:

Our department supports the aspirations of university researchers and fulfills its mission through a range of tasks. We: 

- we study, research and give knowledge in such disciplines as «Criminalistics», «Forensic science», «Investigation of corruption and economic crimes», «Investigation of crimes related to money laundering»;

- we organize and carry out the educational process at a high modern level;

- we work on the assimilation of theoretical knowledge by students, scientific recommendations, the acquisition of skills and abilities to investigate crimes;

- we develop students’ skills of comparative and logical thinking in the field of crime investigation;

- we cultivate feelings of deep respect for the law by forming an attitude towards the inadmissibility of any violation of the law;

- we give young people the opportunity to self-educate and apply knowledge in practice.

Teaching staff:

Our teachers are constantly working on themselves, improving their skills and knowledge, improving their qualifications, exchanging experience with colleagues from foreign countries. The staff of the department regularly take part in international conferences, round tables, etc.

Today the department has 2 a.m. associate professor, 1 senior teacher and 
3 teachers. We involve criminologists, experts and practitioners in the educational process. This is how students hone their knowledge and skills in practice.

The teachers of the department are the authors of 5 monographs and 3 teaching aids.

4 independent job seekers also participate in the educational and work process.

Our employees:

Baratov Azim Shamsievich

candidate of legal sciences, 
head of department

Akhmedova Guzalkhon Utkurovna

Doctor of Law (DsC), Acting docent

Ganiev Otabek Tursunpulatovich

Associate professor, candidate of legal sciences, Acting docent

Khamidov Bаkhtiyor Khamidovich

Senior Teacher

Abdullaev Rustam Kakhramanovich


Topildieva Dilrabo Mishokhidovna


Karimov Boburjon Zokirjonovich


Our programs and projects:

The scientific circle «Expert» and «Criminalist», as well as the law school «Criminalistics and forensic examination» are actively working at the department. Within the framework of these circles and schools, about 100 undergraduate students conduct research activities in the field of forensic science and forensic science.

Mug contacts: 

Our disciplines:

- Undergraduate disciplines: 2


«Forensic science»

- Master’s disciplines: 3

«Investigation of crimes related to money laundering»

«Problems of crime investigation»

«Investigation of corruption and economic crimes»

Our scientific potential - 43%

Our scientific performance:

5 - monographs;

about 20 scientific articles;

7 - scientific articles in the «Scopus» database.

Consultation schedule


Name & Surname

Time consultation



Head of the Department

Baratov Sh.A.

Tuesday 9.00-12.00



Acting docent

Akhmedova G.U

Monday 9.00-12.00



Acting docent

Ganiev O.T

Wednesday 12.00-14.00



Senior Lecturer

Khamidov B.Kh

Thursday 9.00-12.00




Abdullaev R.

Monday 14.00-16.00




Topildiyeva D.M.

Friday 10.00-12.00




Karimov B.Z. 

Wednesday 9.00-12.00


Our contacts:

Department address

Tashkent city, Sayilgoh street, 35, educational building No. 2, office No. 310

Tel: 233-66-36.

Email address: