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The teaching staff of TSUL took part in the "Summer School - 2023", organized at Mukhtar Avezov South-Kazakhstan University

The "Summer School - 2023" was organized at South Kazakhstan University named after Mukhtar Avezov.

12 professors of the department of the Uzbek language and literature of the faculty of master's program and extramural education of Tashkent State University of Law participated in the Summer school with the lectures devoted to the different questions of language, literature, and journalism. The lectures by our professors were warmly welcomed by the participants of the Summer School and the issues raised during the lectures were given special recognition by the experts.

In addition, during the meeting held during the Summer School, an agreement was reached to expand cooperation between the Department of Uzbek Language and Literature at Tashkent State University of Law and the Department of Journalism and Kazakh Language at South Kazakhstan University named after Mukhtar Avezov, to establish joint scientific and academic projects and increase their quality.