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Islambek Rustambekov and Said Gulyamov became members of the editorial board of two international prestigious journals indexed in Scopus

Islambek Rustambekov, Acting Rector of Tashkent State University of Law, Doctor of Law, Professor and Said Gulyamov, Head of the Department of Cyber Law of the University, Doctor of Law, Professor, for their contribution to the development of jurisprudence, scientific potential and experience, were accepted to the editorial boards of international prestigious legal journals "Revista Brasileira de Alternative Dispute Resolution" and "Ticaret ve Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku Dergisi".

The Brazilian Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution (RBADR) is a semi-annual journal specializing in arbitration, mediation, dispute resolution, systems design, online dispute resolution, and other alternative dispute resolution topics. The mission of the journal is to support scientific articles and books in national, foreign, and international judicial practice, highlighting alternative ways of resolving conflicts in various areas of law and society.

Ticaret ve Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku Dergisi (TFM) (Journal of Commercial Law and Intellectual Property Law) is a journal containing legal research in the field of commercial law and intellectual property law.

The publication covers sub-branches of commercial law, including business law, corporate law, transportation law, shipping law, copyright, trademark law, and intellectual property rights such as patent law. TFM is committed to supporting legally sound businesses and recognizes the essential role of strong legal institutions in ensuring Turkey's influence on world trade. The goal of TFM is to become the leading journal in the field of competition and innovation law and to invite members of the team to enrich this scientific collaboration with their scientific work.


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