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Further strengthen your knowledge of labor law with us!

The Department of Labor Law of Tashkent State Law University has traditionally held a Test-quiz every Sunday.

From this week, the tests are compiled in a thematic order and in a systematic sequence. As a result, you will have an understanding of all areas of Labor Law, testing your knowledge of 11 subjects for 11 weeks.

Preliminary topic: “Introduction to the science of labor law"


Will take place: Every Monday

Started: 21.00

Number of questions: 15

Location: telegram channel

Achievement: useful gifts, +for students of TDYU 2 and 3 Courses, a recommendation is made for an excellent grade on the module.

Tests are drawn up on the basis of legislation published earlier in the week.

1. Forced labor decision

2. Trade union law

3. Charter of hiring a private entrepreneur employee

4. Labor code

Also invite friends to uncompromising arguments!


Gifted students of the Yuksalish Sari Club of Tashkent State Law University have prepared a video about the nationwide hashar and the concept of forced labor.

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