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Recommended topics for the students of Tashkent state law university for 2021-2022 related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Recommended topics for the students of Tashkent state law university for 2021-2022 related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

·      Towards the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger: What Role Do Institutions Play?

·      Do stronger employment discrimination protections decrease reliance on Social Security Disability Insurance? Evidence from the U.S. Social Security reforms.

·      Competing Allies: Legal Pluralism, and Gendered Agency in Mumbai’s Sharia Courts.

·      Protecting Forested Areas in Non-Forest Zone through The Ecological Fiscal Transfer Scheme in Indonesia: A case study from Kutai Timur district.

·      Double-Faceted Environmental Civil Liability and the Separate-Regulatory Paradigm: An Inspiration for China.

·      European Forest Governance: Status Quo and Optimising Options with Regard to the Paris Climate Target.

·      Improving the Law for Animals: a Campaigning Lawyer’s Perspective.

·      A human rights approach to energy: Realizing the rights of billions within ecological limits.

·      Racist Victimization, Legal Estrangement and Resentful Reliance on the Police in Sweden.

·      Can International Criminal Law Help Express the Unrealized Value of Disabled Lives?

·      Legal Reflections on the Small-Scale Fisheries Guidelines: Building a Global Safety Net for Small-Scale Fisheries.

·      The Evolution of the Right to Water in India.

·      What the war in Ukraine means for energy, climate and food.

The Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Charter were analyzed during the "UN Week" at TSUL

On the second day of this week dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, professors and teachers of the Tashkent State University of Law organized a master class for students of TSUL and UWED on the topic "Analysis of the UN Charter by articles, the importance of its provisions in modern times."

In the training, information was given about the history of the UN, its legal foundations, powers, goals and tasks, and the work carried out by the organization.

In the lesson, the students analyzed the current approaches to reforming the UN Charter, which still have archaic effects, and expressed their opinions and suggestions in this regard.

An online meeting was also held with the Permanent Representative of Uzbekistan to the UN, Mr. Bakhtiyor Ibragimov, within the framework of the week.

Professors and students of TSUL and UWED participated in the event.

At the meeting, the cooperation of our country with this prestigious structure, its main directions and achievements in this regard were reviewed. The expert emphasized that the initiatives put forward by Uzbekistan within the framework of the UN are widely supported by the world community.

At the end, the participants received detailed answers to the questions they were interested in.

Also, during the week, a roundtable discussion was organized between TSUL and UWED students on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the event, students discussed the implementation of the fifth goal of sustainable development on gender equality, the tenth goal on inequality between countries, the sixteenth goal on creating effective and accountable government institutions, and the seventeenth goal on global cooperation. In this regard, information was given and opinions were exchanged about the work being done at the national and global level.

The participants shared their suggestions and recommendations on the topic.

In addition, "The future of the country is in my hands" held between TSUL and UWED students. How to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?" The winners of the best essay competition on the subject were announced.

According to the results, Munisa Rayimova, a student of the second stage in the nomination "Best analyst" won the first place, while Shahrizoda Mamasolieva and Malika Ismailova won the second and third places.

Also, Khushnazar Joraev, a second stage student of TSUL, won the nomination "Best Idea Generator". Barakatullah Azimi Khidoyatullah and Husan Ergashev took the next places, respectively.

Winners and prize-winners were given special certificates and valuable gifts by the organizers.


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