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Tenders are announced for services for overhaul, manufacture and installation of automatic protective roller grilles

Tashkent State University of Law announces tender for the following services:

1. Overhaul of the basement (co-working center) of the 4th academic building of the university, located at: 59 Mustakillik Street, Tashkent .
Lot Number: 22110012165336
Sales beginning date: 18.10.2022 09:12
Deadline for submission of bids: 25.10.2022 09:12
Trading floor:
Link to lot:

Manufacturing and mounting of automatic protective roller shutters in golden oak color in the 3rd building of the University in the quantity of 3 pcs.

Lot number: 22110012165575
Sales start date: October 18, 2022 16:26
Deadline for submission of bids: 25.10.2022 16:26
Trading floor:
Link to the lot:


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