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The staff of Tashkent State Law University in Yunusabad district in mahallas "Islamabad", "Kashkar", "Khusniabad", "Buyukturon", "Mirzo Ulugbek", "Firdavsi", "Turkurgan", "Ustashirin", "Astrobod" and in 7 secondary general education schools located in the area conducted "makhallabay" event with young people.

- In particular, mahalla passports have been formed, and a youth database has been formed. According to available data, there are 5,696 boys and girls living in the area, 20 of whom are included in the "iron book", 20 in the "youth book" and 106 in the "women's book".

-More than 20 schedules were approved in cooperation with makhalla meetings to attract young people to art, sport, information technologies, reading, science and entrepreneurship, to broaden their interest and provide them with necessary skills.

-A number of projects are being implemented in the makhallas by university staff and teachers with the aim of working with disorganized youth, ensuring their employment and creating decent conditions.

- In the "Islamabad", "Firdavsi" and "Ustashirin" mahallas six entrepreneurship courses were organized for young people.

Fifty-six low-income families in need of social protection were registered and were provided with food, home appliances, as well as the necessary consulters and toys for their children.

- Of the 45 appeals submitted by young people during the makhalla surveys, 23 were resolved positively.

- English language courses are organized in all 9 districts.

-In all buildings of mahalla citizens' meetings, Wi-Fi zones for youth were created.

-Separate dialogues were organized with 16 young men and women on the list of unorganized youth, 9 of whom received material and practical assistance.

-In order to raise legal awareness and culture of citizens, to solve legal issues of their concern and to provide practical legal assistance, a schedule of visiting receptions of the legal clinic of the university was approved and the system of providing appropriate legal advice was established.

- At the meeting of citizens in 3 mahallas competitions in various kinds of sports were organized, and the winners were provided with worthy support. It is also planned to form soccer teams in all the districts and organize "Rector's Cup" competitions between them.

-Schedules have been approved for the use of the University sports complex in order to create ample opportunities for young people of the district to practice sports.

- In order to promote reading among young people in the mahallas, "Tashkent State Law University libraries" were established. These libraries received about two thousand units of legal and fiction literature.

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