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A spiritual and educational event will be organized

Spiritual and educational events dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Associate Professor Ilyuz Mirzayeva are being held at Tashkent State University of Law.

The event will begin on December 23, at 12:30 (room 221, building 3, TSUL).

The round table is organized to study the life path and experience of I. Mirzayeva, study her scientific heritage and inform young lawyers about the activities of the mentor, will be attended by the representatives of TSUL, representatives of state and public organizations, scientists, teachers, and students of Ilyuzy Mirzayeva.

For information: Ilyuza Mirzayeva worked as the first head of the department of the Russian language (later the department of the Russian and Uzbek languages) of Tashkent State Institute of Law from 1991-2005.

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