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The first day of the Student Festival is over.

Criminal Justice Faculty - winner of "Festival Cup - 2022" in mini-football, Khuriniso Niyazalieva - winner of "My Drawing" contest

The first day of Student Festival Tashkent State University of Law on the occasion of International Students' Day has come to an end.

The first day of the festival began with the "My Drawing" contest. The contest was organized to promote students' interest in the visual arts and allow them to express their talent. Special attention was paid to the right choice of colors in the creative works, their harmony, and the content of the drawings.

According to the jury, the 1st place was taken by Khuriniso Niyazalieva, a student of international and comparative legislation, 2nd place was taken by Zebo Shamsieva, a student of public law, 3rd place was taken by Abbos Bakirov and Bahrillo Asadov, students of international and comparative legislation.

On the first day of the festival, the competition in mini-football "Festival Cup - 2022" was conducted. According to the results of the competition, the team of the Faculty of Criminal Justice won the cup, the team of the Faculty of Private Law took the 2nd place and the team of the Faculty of International and Comparative Legislation took the 3rd place.

In parallel, a badminton competition among girls "Festival Cup - 2022" was organized, which recorded the following results:

  • 1st place - Khurshida Halimzhonova;
  • 2nd place - Mohidil Bozorova;
  • 3rd place - Madina Mavlyanova.

In addition, on the first day of the festival, there was a competition "TSUL MUN". In the contest, held in Uzbek, English, and Russian, students were divided into 5 parties and 10 deputies (150 participants in total) defended their positions.

The festival continues.


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