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Islambek Rustambekov, Acting rector of TSUL, met with graduates of the master's program of the University of Pennsylvania

During his visit to the University of Pennsylvania, Islambek Rustambekov, Acting Rector of the Tashkent State University of Law, met with 23 students from Uzbekistan who are graduating from the law faculty of this university. 20 of them are graduates of Tashkent State University of Law.

During the meeting, which took place in the form of an open and sincere dialogue, I. Rustambekov informed the students about the constitutional reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan and the new version of the Constitution, adopted at a referendum on April 30, as well as about the conditions created for graduates of prestigious foreign universities in our country. During the conversation, many students stated that they intended to return to Uzbekistan and engage in scientific and pedagogical activities, as well as work in government bodies.

After the meeting, I. Rustambekov, accompanied by Uzbek students, got acquainted with the university campus, the educational process of the university, and the conditions created for students and teachers.