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Relationships to support the goals

Within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Tashkent State University of Law collaborates with the Oliy Majlis, the Court, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations at the national and international level.

The majority of these processes are carried out by TDYU professors:

1) Offering legal information with a scientific foundation on state body activities and the legislative process;

2) In the area of law, it serves as a link between the government and society.

Teachers and professors at the University of Law are always educating the public about the latest developments in the legal sector as well as the nature and intent of legal documents:

In addition, regarding the implementation of SDG 4 Memorandums signed and roadmaps approved between TSUL and 26 schools of Sergeli district. This memorandum is an important basis for improving the quality of education in schools in Sergeli district, preparing students for higher education, and further developing teachers' knowledge and skills.

Also during the event road maps were approved between TSUL, the Department of Public Education of Sergeli district, and schools of Sergeli district.

These road maps define several tasks based precisely on the state of the schools, opinions, suggestions of students and teachers, and problems and shortcomings faced by educational institutions, which is the first step for further development of partner schools and finding positive solutions to their existing problems. As the documents provide several measures to introduce schools and study their essence, improve the quality of education and the implementation of modern teaching technologies, the development of various spiritual and educational work, and introduce students to professions in higher education institutions and the labor market.

Among them are holding open lectures and meetings, round tables, master classes by professors to study the needs in the subjects taught at school and to make appropriate recommendations, periodic monitoring of the teaching sessions conducted by teachers, professional development of teachers of law and English, the use of modern pedagogical technologies in teaching, among them the introduction of Street Law project, aimed at teaching students the most necessary legal knowledge in everyday life through the interactive methods. These initiatives help to raise the standard of instruction in classrooms.

Senior lecturer of Tashkent State Law University, Ph.D Khayitjon Turdiev took part in the session of the Constitutional Court as an expert:

A memorandum of cooperation between the Tashkent State Law University and the Anti-Corruption Agency was also signed in order to detect legal voids that pose a threat to the fight against corruption in the government and state institutions and to share legal knowledge.

The document states that TDYU will launch a unique master's program in the study of corruption issues.The organization of sociological, scientific, and other studies on the condition, trends, and causes of corruption is another area of cooperation.

TSUL organized a seminar training on "We are supporters of protection of women against oppression and violence"

The event was organized within the framework "We are against violence" which is conducted in our country in connection with the proclamation of November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Lola Saidova, professor of Center for professional development of lawyers, international lawyer, Shakhnoza Abzalova, Senior Inspector on Women Affairs of MIC of Yunusabad district Internal Affairs Department and Senior Lieutenant Eleonora Saparova, as well as teaching staff and students of TSUL participated.

During the seminar, the specialists provided students with useful information on the protection of women from all forms and types of harassment and violence, as well as on the procedure for ensuring gender equality and protection orders.

In addition, Gulchehra Tulaganova, professor of the Department of Criminal Procedural Law at TSUL, Ph.D. in law, Salomat Niyozova, acting professor of the Department of criminal law, criminology and anti-corruption, Ph.D. in law, and Umida Khaidarova, chairwoman of the University Council of Women, acted as speakers at the training seminar "We are supporters of protecting women from harassment and violence" organized at Tashkent Institute of Finance.

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